110 entry

Picture from Jim Kelly.

Check out the 312 entry page for part of the passing out parade, including prizewinners.

Back row standing: Paul Firmin, unknown, Bob Earth , Pete York, John Beatty
Middle row : Geremy Bateson, Alan Mcleod, Mike Richardson, Ian Harker, Dave Hazzelby, Bob Pitts
Front row: Bob Cook, Pete Lapham ( deceased) , Jim Kelly, Bill Pollintine, Mike McConnell, Pete Bower

I think the unknown guy left us within the first few months so I don’t recognize him. Unfortunatly Pete Lapham –God bless him, died whilst we were at Kinloss of pneumonia and we all carried his coffin in a military funeral – sad times.

Apart from Pete York and Mike Richardson we were all subsequently posted up to RAF Kinloss to be trained for another 6 months on the MR1 Nimrods and then the majority of us worked on them for our service. I was posted several years later to work on the R1 Nimrod at 51 Sqdn at Raf Wyton.