209 Entry

Pictures from John Mackeprang
also check the 312 entry page for a copy of part of the passing out parade book, including prizewinners.

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209th Craft Apprentices on their Passing Out day, what a happy bunch of campers we are, not one smile at the thought of leaving Cosford?
Where are they all now..............Actually Dave (Noggin) Nolan e-mailed me early this year, out of all of the Entry, Dave was the one who disappeared without a trace after leaving Cosford so hearing from him was a complete surprise. After that I tried to find the others but have only came up with Don (Luigi) Mitchell.
The last I can remember hearing of any of the others is as follows.........

Paul Donaghue - Mardet detachment Tengah 1972 ..............
Jim Green - Jock Burnett - permanent fixtures at Kinloss........
Dusty Miller - arrived RAF Bruggen 1988 just as I was leaving............(he had thought he was a permanent fixture at Kinloss)
Trev Compton - married a landlords daughter in the Lyneham area...... (or was that wishful thinking on Trev's part)
Keith Cox - last seen leaving Brize for Maharraq 1970........... heard he was at Scampton around 1977.....
Phil Miles - Arrived at Cottesmore not long before I left the mob in 1994.........
Addy Adams - spotted at various locations worldwide.......(the blush always gave him away)..... last heard of on Tonka F3s (Leeming?)

So if there are any of you out there, get in touch

To bring this page up to date.. Back in 2005, 6 of us got together (Don Mitchell, Mike Adams, Phil Miles, Keith Cox, Dave Nolan and myself) got together for our first reunion. Mike had learnt not long before that Jim Green had passed away, but we were all amazed to hear that Jim had been a very well respected member of the Kinloss MRT. When we joined up, Jim arrived from London, and so we would not have expected him to become a Mountain Man.. anyway RIP Jim.
We then managed to find a few more members and on the 50th anniversary of enlisting, Don Mitchell, Mike Adams, Keith Cox, Dave Nolan, Trev Compton, Craig Burnett, Paul Donahue, Stew Ditchburn, Dick Cleveland and myself most of us with our wives, met up for a couple of days at Cosford and a good time was had by all. We are still looking for Alan Miller, I did meet Bob Charles before the first reunion, he was still in the Mob having had a lobotomy, but did not seem too interested in the reunion. If you are out there, Bob, we have all mellowed rather well and would love to see you regardless..

The Next reunion is being held from the 3rd to the 6th May this year
Get in touch with me at john.mackeprang("at")outlook.com or look us up on Facebook "209 Entry Cosford"