215 Entry

Pictures from Richard Castle Dave McCracken and Paul House

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I recognised "Tiny" Mason (App Sgt. at the front) here but then he was hard to miss! Permanent staff include Cpl Derek Herbert, Sgt Terry Giblin and Flt Lt Brookes (ex Victor pilot).

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From Dave McCracken, Visit to one of the Albrighton pubs. I'm the one in jacket mid picture at table, lifting the beer glass.
Ben Sherman shirts were all the rage then as I recall or the Jatex look-alike for those who could not afford Ben Sherman - like me.

Tour to France, Jock Vaughn is on the right holding the cup.

The 69-70 Rugby team, most players were from 215 entry

The summer educational expedition to Cornwall where we were researching 'smuggling'.!!

I had forgotten about the names being chalked on the bottom of the kitbags!

Hoarding Compo rations??

Wolverhapton Station, first leave.