220 Entry

Pictures from Michael Haslam and Nick White

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Text from the passing out parade leaflet.

No. 2 School of Technical TrainingRoyal Air Force, Cosford PASSING OUT REVIEWof No. 220 ENTRY BYAIR COMMODORE W.S.C. WATKINSB.Sc., C.Eng., A.F.R.Ae.S.Command Education Officer Tuesday 19 December 1972 THE REVIEWING OFFICER AIR COMMODORE W.S.C WATKINSWILL BE ACCOMPANIED BYGROUP CAPTAIN I.D.H GIBBINSM.B.E., B.Sc.Eng., D.C.Ae., M.I.Mech.E.REPRESENTING THE AIR OFFICER COMMANDING No. 24 GROUPandGROUP CAPTAIN C.L. PARKINSON, M.A. Command of No. 2 School of Technical Training-----

The passing-out pared of No. 220 Craft Apprentice Entry will take place in No. 4 Workshops and will include an inspection of the passing-out entry by the Reviewing Officer. The passing-out entry will be formed as a flight in line. To the rear of them will be a supporting squadron of two flights in line, composed of apprentices from 224 and 226 Entries. The Apprentice Band will be assembled at the rear of the parade. No permanent staff officer, non-commissioned officer or airman will take part in the parade, which will be commanded by Flight Sergeant Apprentice P.A. Eagling of 118 Entry. The parade will followed by a prize-giving ceremony in the Station Cinema.


1045 Parade advances to No. 4 Workshops.
1100 Arrival of the Reviewing Officer (spectators stand)
The General Salute Inspection of Passing-Out Entry by the Reviewing Officer
(spectators sit) Presentation of the Victor Groom Ceremonial Stick.
The March Past of the Passing-Out Entry.
The Advance in Review Order and General Salute (spectators stand)
The March-off of the Passing-Out Entry in slow time. (spectators sit)
The Supporting Squadron and Band March off. Departure of the Reviewing Officer (spectators stand)
1130 Reviewing Officer and party retire to the Commandant's office.
Official guests, parents and spectators move to the Station Cinema.
1150 Reviewing Officer and party arrive at the Station Cinema
(spectators stand) Commandant's welcome,
Presentation of prizes and certificates, Reviewing Officer's address.
The Dedication.
1220 Reviewing Officer and party depart from the Cinema and move to the Trophy Room to meet prize-winners and their parents. (spectators stand)
Official guests, parents and spectators move to lunch

The Victor Groom Ceremonial Stick.
This has been awarded to Sergeant Craft Apprentice F. Harbottle. This stick was presented by Air
Marshall Sir Victor E. Groom K.C.V.O., K.B.E., C.B., D.F.C., in July 1955 when he was Air Officer
Commanding-in-Chief Technical Training Command. It is now awarded to the passing-out Apprentice
who has made the outstanding contribution to overall organisation and discipline in the Wing. The
recipient carries it on the parade and at the prize-giving is given as small replica as a memento.

First in Overall Order of Merit - Craft Apprentice R. Angel.
First in Technical Subjects - Craft Apprentice R. Angel.
First in Education - Craft Apprentice T.E. Keer.
First in General Service Efficiency - Sergeant Craft Apprentice F. Harbottle


Officer Commanding 2 Squadron:SQUADRON LEADER A.R. OLIVER

Officer Commanding 'E' Flight:FLIGHT LIEUTENANT P.A. COX


Wing Warrant Officer:WARRANT OFFICER J. ROBB

Flight Sergeant 2 Squadron:FLIGHT SERGEANT M. GARRETT'E'


Sgt Craft App P. Melvin
Sgt Craft App F. Harbottle
Cpl Craft App R.B. Moore
Cpl Craft App M.L. Wallace
Leading Craft App C.S. Blackmore
Leading Craft App C. Goodwin
Leading Craft App W. Moffat
Leading Craft App A.J. Smith
Leading Craft App D.S Titterington
Craft App R. Angel
Craft App P. Beach
Craft App W. J. Boles
Craft App I. Bowerman
Craft App M.I Crowther
Craft App M.G. De-Leacey Byrne
Craft App N.J. Devlin
Craft App S.J. Drinkwater
Craft App J.G.B Dudley
Craft App G. Edwards
Craft App P. Elley
Craft App C.W. Elstob
Craft App P.A Emmerton
Craft App J.A Fenwick
Craft App G. Forder
Craft App D.B. Foster
Craft App M.R Haslam
Craft App A.A Hepburn
Craft App C. R Hollinshead
Craft App R.A Husbands
Craft App T.E. Keer
Craft App A.W Kinninmonth
Craft App C. Lee
Craft App M.J.S Mason
Craft App P. McAdams
Craft App S.P. McNamara
Craft App D.S.F McNaught
Craft App D.J. Merryshaw
Craft App T.D Morton
Craft App M.J. Pooley
Craft App R.D. Sharpe
Craft App B. Sinclair
Craft App M.A. Smith
Craft App R.C. Spreadbury
Craft App S. Stacey
Craft App N. White
Craft App N.J. Wright