227 Entry

Pictures from Terry Hunt Andy Hastings Terry Flaherty, Martyn (Cider) Perring Mike Barth, Mal Teasdale and Brian Duncan.

Its amazing how seeing "ooouuuuhhh erry" takes me right back to being a teenager again... Hello Gilly!

bigger version

bigger version

Smiling faces here, was that because we raided the WRAF block last night?
We seem to have been the last entry to pass out with the green and yellow hatbands and apprentice propellors on our arms. I seem to remember that they told us to remove them in Jan of 74 but we complained enough to get them to allow us to keep them (and our senior entry lanyards) until we passed out in Feb 74. By Oct 74 (231 entry) the propellors seem to have gone and by 76 (123 entry) neither seem to be worn.

So far Chas (Taff) Meacock, Terry Flaherty, Dave Codling, Alan Codling, Eric Parsons, Martyn (Cider) Perring, Paul Hirst, John (Tich) Prendegast, John "Nelly" Nelson, Andy Hastings, Brian Duncan, Ciaran Martin, Mike Barth, David (Geordie) Pyne, Dixie Dean, Mike DaSilva, Allan Dallison, Furgus Grant, Ray Fair, Malcom Harrison, Jeff Christian, Steve Thompson, Steve Ferdenzi Malcom Teasdale and Terry Hunt have checked in.
Dave Horton-Jones has been located but has not checked in yet. Adrian "Ozzy" Osbourne checked in but went awol

Unfortunately we have lost a few of our number over the years, Paul Riddle (aka Mole, because of the way his eyes looked when he peered out from under the blankets in the morning) died in an motorbike accident at RAF Valley a year or so after graduation, Trevor Card died from a heart condition in the early eighties whilst at Honnington and Steve Joyce died of a brain tumor in the late 80's shortly after leaving the mob, somewhere along the line we lost Dick Carpenter as well. Ron (Seddy) Sedlicas passed away in 2012 in Canada. Les Rapple passed a few years ago. Last year (2018) we lost Brian Duncan, but at least a couple of 227 got up there to see him, Paul Hirst and This year Chas (Taff) Meacock and Terry Flaherty
You are not forgotton lads.

227 Class "A"

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227 Class "B"

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This was taken 2 weeks after we arrived, hence the sad faces.
I think we were all wondering what had hit us!

227 Class "C"

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Rear: Malcom "H" Harrison, Steve Joyce
Front: Alan Codling, Dave Perry, David Codling

R+I Phase 2, somewhere in the hills of Welsh Wales..

Rear:- Alan Marsden? NCO? Fergus, Trevor, ?
Front:- Ray, Dixie, Gary

Terry- was I lost?, Ray, Dixie, John, Gaz, Gilly and ?

So Thats why the officer type came with us! Gilly, John, Ray and Terry

Ray, Fergy and Dixie


Top Left picture from L to R are Fergus Grant (Fergy), Garry Frost (Frosty) , Steve Gilbert (Gilly), Ray Fair, Mike DaSilva (Dis) & Dave Emans
Top Center Andy, Gilly, Mal, Seddy ? Dixie
Top right, doing the Full Monty, Mal (Cobber) Teasdale
Bottom Left is Eric Parsons
Bottom Middle from L to R are Fergy, Ray fair, Wally Logan (ex 226) & Mike DaSilva (Dis)
Bottom right is Steve Gilbert (Gilly)

Seddie, Dixie, Furgus and Ray

227 At play.. Alan Codling and Mike Barth, Sailing

Ahh the parades. This one was in London, I think for the President of Mexico

Reunion, March 2024 - 50 years since graduation

Mal Teasdale, Mal Harrison, Eric and Phil

Reunion, March 2012

L-R:Chas Meacock, Dave Codling, Mike Barth, Alan Codling, Cieran Martin, Mike Dasilva, Terry Hunt, Alan Dallison,
Ray Fair, Dixie Dean, Terry Flaherty, John Prendegast, Steve Thompson, David Pine, Steve Ferdenzi.

Visiting Fulton Block, Terry Fly, Taff, Ray, Terry H, Steve

Geordie and Cieran

Geordy, Steve and Alan

Steve, Terry and Mike

Mike Barth and Cieran

Taff, David, Terry and Cieran

Ray Geordy, Steve and Cieran

Alan and Tich

Alan, Dave and Steve

Dave, Dis, Ray and Mike

Mike ALan, Dave and Steve

Dixie and Ray looking good, Terry fly working out how to chat up the Ladies, Steve wondering why.. Terry H drinking all the beer.. Taff holding the Camera

3am in the bar,
We partied like 18 year olds and woke up like 80 year olds....
Mike, Terry, Cieran, his wife, Terry, Dixie, Alan, Tich and Steve.


52 of us started on the 29th Feb 1972 and 39 graduated in 1974. 4 or 5 down-entries in our final number mean we lost almost 20 on the way.

However.. some of us got back classed which became 227D as there were no immediate entries behind us. known as the "Dirty Dozen" 227D were:-
Mike DaSilva(Dis)
Mark Saunders
Graham Tibbets (Tiddles)
Ian Huyton (Shag)
Dave Emans
Phil Walker
Kev Dickinson (Dicko)
Uggy? (ex 226)
Phil Wright (ex 226)
+ others?