231 Entry

Pictures from Richard Stevens and Dave Tinsley, Ontario, Canada

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Front Row l to r: Kev Kenyon, Brian Marsland, Mr Snowdon, F/L Swarbrick, S/L Topp, FS Bland, Paul Smith, Richard Stevens
2nd row: Chan Yolk Sang, Chris Coggins, Paul Hardingham, Mike Lake, Brian Ashcroft, Terry Hayler, Dave Swinyard, Ahmed Bin Mohammed Hanif, Pip Barley, Jock Spence, Peter Potter, Roy Woodward, Matt Kemp
3rd row: Paul Hunt, Dave Cairns, Dave Tinsley, Ian (Paddy) Brown, Dennis Mauger, Keith Smart, Mike Bremner, Carl Horrocks, Billy Spence, Pete Thomas
Back row: Brian Davies, Mike Hall, Billy McMillan, John Sproat, Tom Beaumont, Steve Eley, Gary Skinner, Alan Walker

The last Craft Apprentice entry out of Cosford, still with the Cosford Hatbands and maybe some senior entry lanyards as well and therefore a reasonable claim to still be the senior Craft Apprentice entry after almost 40 years!. Carl Horrocks says:- We, like all apprentices were desperate to be able to wear the green "senior entry" lanyards but were informed by the flight commander that as we were the last Craft Apprentice entry we would not be allowed. But when the previous entry passed out, we all got our green lanyards and put them on our uniforms with great pride. While we were marching to "Tech", the SWO WO Robb (the poison dwarf) collared us and threw a total wobbly! We were forced to remove them.

Pip and Mike Barth

l to r back row: Mike Hall, Peter Thomas, Paul Hardingham, Kev Kenyon, Dave Tinsley, Paddy Brown, Chan Yolk Sang, Pip Barley, Peter Potter, Brian Marsland, ?.
front row: Richard Stevens, Ahmed Bin Mohammed Hanif

?, Pip Barley, Peter Thomas and Mike Hall.