302 Entry

pictures from Mike Tilcock Phil Bentley Pete Bettney and Chris Bell


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Where are you ex-302nd Entry RAF Cosford Craft Apprentices?
On the 7th January 1965 about 57 of us joined the RAF at Cosford to train mainly as telegraphists plus a few photographers. Our entry photograph taken in November 1965 shows there 54 of us at the end of training.
I can recall some of the names -- even after 44 years.
Ron Bartle;Ralph Bebbington;Pete Belcher;Chris Bell;Phil Bentley;Pete Bettney;John Bryden (aka Freddie);John Colley;Steve Davies (aka SJD);Steve Elder;Pete Epps (believed died in Far East) ;John Fokker (changed name to Willows);Lew Hall;Mick Hill; Adrian S Hilton (aka DAS); ?? Jenkins;?? (Kit) Kitchen; Colin Lucas;Bev Mayer;Frank Mellor;Geoff Pack;George Pare;Dick Rayner;Dennis Rock (aka rocky);Dave Simmonds;Roger Smith (aka Stumpy); Big Smith;Bill Stote;Taffy Thomas;??Thomas; Mick Webb;Bill Weston;Mick Williams;Taffy Williams;Jim Connaghan and of course me Mick (now Mike) TIlcock.

Names from top left are:
Top Row- Daz Hilton on the left and on the right Steve Davies,
Second Row- Dave Macatee, Georg Pare and Dennis Rock,
Third Row- Smudge Smith, Mick Tilcock (hand in front of face) Pete Bettney, John Colley, Happy (John) Howard,
Bottom Row- Geoff Pack, Ralph Bebbington, Willy Williams.

First row L to R: Paul Kitchen, Dave Perry, Nigel Burt.
Second row: Phil Bentley, Pete Epps (deceased) and George Pare
Third row L to R: Mick Powell, Dennis Rock, Clive Thomas, Malcom Barrett.
Last row L to R: Jim Williams, John Focker and Mick Hill.

Chris Bell (looking very smart!!)

Chris Bell even smarter..

Left to Right: Phil Mallet, Phil Bentley, Colin Lucas and Pete Ritchins.

Mal Barrett, Ron Bartle, Ralph Bebbington, John Fokker, Pete Epps (deceased)

Sgt (Tom) Sparks and Cpl (Sam) Worrell were the Entry NCOs/Discip/Drill and "King-makers" known to everyone as SERGEANT!!! and CORPORAL!!! (to their faces anyway)

302nd Graduation

First photo, AOC speaking to Ron Bartle. Colin Lucas immediately behind the AOC. First apprentice on RHS is Kit Kitchen and first on LHS is Mick Powell.

Second photo AOC speaking to Freddie Bryden. Mick Hill on Freddie's RHS. Phil Bentley and ? Jenkin behind the AOC.

In the last photo The Reviewing Officer was AVM Chacksfield Commandant General RAF Regiment speaking to a Photog - Dobbs I believe. The Station Commander was Gp Capt Durkin who came from Burnley (local lad made good obviously) speaking to Mick Dobbs. Steve Davies (who also came from Burnley but didn't make it that good) on Mick's LHS. Colin Lucas and Phil Bentely behind the AOC.

Extract from the Cosford magazine.

2TSU football team 67/68 at Sharjah.
Dennis Rock front left, Freddie Bryden front right, John Colley front centre, kit Kitchen back centre.

Many a happy hour - Di dah di dah dit