325 Entry

Pictures from Tom Evans Pete Jenkins and Phil Marr

Tom would like to hear from any 325 entry guys who would be interested in a reunion.. for say the 40th anniversary of signing up which will be on 2 November 2011.
Send me an e-mail (link on homepage) and I will get you in contact

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Class A photo the nicknames that shouldn't offend are;
Gobbledeegook Marr, Jock Currie, Evo or Tranny Evans(me), Chalkie Jaram and Pink Panther Beresford.

The missing class photo included
? Mutter, Scouse Oates, John(fish)West, Brian(are tha's roight ayit)Pitt, Trevor(spike)Milligan, Terry Lockett, Pete Jenkins, Paul(Atherstone LA)Money, Scottie or Jock McDonald, Bill Schirn and sorry to those that nearly 35 years have erased from my memory. I hope someone from 325 stumbles across this and makes contact. I'll reminisce(sp?) later----Tom Evans

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See 219 entry for the passing out review booklet